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Jim Burdine


 My music through the years





Welcome to my website.  On the following pages I've written some stories about my musical journey.  These stories are accompanied by songs from each era that represent my experiences, and in a Forrest Gump-sort of way, what was happening in music more broadly.  I hope you'll read and listen along but mostly experience the joy that music has been to me.  There is also a "blog" which was originally written as a letter to my sons kind of sharing personal insights that may not make much sense to others, but it seemed to fit in this larger context. 
This is written in chronological order so you can follow the navigation bars at the top or if you'd rather skip to music I'm recording right now, go to the "Recent Projects" page (under the "More" tab).  Otherwise you can just wander through the years with me! 
There are many friends, colleagues, family and others who I mention (or should have) that contributed to my "musical journey." If you have suggestions, comments, edits, other stories you'd like to send me - use - I'd love to hear from you!

Visit "" for my newest musical adventure!

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