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Jesus Revolution

My brother-in-law Michael Moore is married to my sister-in-law, Autumn Moore. I've enjoyed a warm relationship with Michael since we met. His gentle and thoughtful demeanor is almost soothing to just be around.  Michael is also a good singer/guitar player, so he fits the "family" well.  

I knew some of Michael's "back story" but the recent movie Jesus Revolution (you Must See!) brought out aspects of his background that I did't fully appreciate.  

In Michael's own words, "I was a part of everything you see in the movie. A newly drug-free hippy teenager bringing people to Calvary Chapel. Getting baptized by Chuck Smith at Pirate's Cove. Playing in a Christian band in the big tent (alongside other bands, like Love Song). And later, in Santa Cruz, pastoring a communal house with Chuck as my mentor and starting a new church with Lonnie."

Damn - I thought I had hung with some heavy dudes - go, Michael!   

In the photo above, "New WIne," Michael's band, is shown playing at Maranatha, a South Bay coffee shop. Just to avoid any confusion, the band was not named "Dark Horse" - that was the brand of an amp they had borrowed! Michael is second from the right, John Wickham is seated to his right. John is Phil Wickham's dad (look him up on Christian music charts)  Here's a sample of Phil's music:

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