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Over the past few years occasionally folks will send us videos from various gigs, so the following includes some of those.  About six years ago I got an email from the worship leader at our church, Brazos Fellowship, asking if I could sit in on an upcoming Sunday morning.  Quick background: For 7-8 years I played keyboards for our praise band, but it had been a couple of years since I'd been active as part of the praise band.  Specifically, they wanted me to add an organ part to Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" as the intro music.  The only instructions I got were the name of the song, the key, and what time to be at rehearsal.  Couple of run-through's later and it was Sunday morning!   The video is kind of dark - I'm on the left side, sitting perpendicular to the stage. You can hear the Hammond sounds pretty well - I just played fills throughout.  Sounds better than I thought!

Outlaws and Orphans

Outlaws and Orphans is the latest band I've been playing with. Well, "band" is perhaps a bit of a stretch, it's me and my long-time friend Mark Calvert and a variety of drummers, bass players, and/or singers who we can get together when we have a place to play.  Mostly local biker (and non-biker) bars, a VFW in Novasota and a local hotel that wants live music in their lobby on homegame weekend nights.  All fun places to play.  Here are a couple of iPhone clips from last summer. 
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