Previously I’ve mentioned that sons Alex and Wes played with a band called “Purified.” One of my favorite songs from their album “Speaking is Easy” is “Speaking is Easy.” Wes and Alex are still active musically. Alex leads worship occasionally at their church and Wed did until recently. Wes also played with “Gospel Machine” based out of Minneapolis. Click on their name to go to the Gospel Machine website where you can find audio and video to listen to/watch (but don't forget to come back!) Wes has also recorded with Small Cities and has a couple of solo CD’s. Unicorn Rock is his children’s album and I particularly like “Wake UP!".


I’ve also previously mentioned brother-in-law David Defore, drummer with the InRhodes. Until his recent relocation to Colorado, David occasionally played with various jazz trios and quartets around the LA area.


My other brother-in-law Ron DeFore was well known in the surf band days in LA for his lead guitar work. When I was putting this together Ron reminded me that he’d done some recording a few years later with Donny Most (Ralph Malph on Happy Days) “trying to sing” as Ron put it. Also Michael Botts (Bread drummer), Ron Brown (Motown bass studio musician), and the Happy Days Assistant Director, John Lenox on keyboard. It’s called “Nashville Sneakers.” A little in-family promotion - July 2019 Ron's semi-autobiography "Growing up in DIsneyland" will be available from Waldorf Publishing.  Got to be fun of good stuff!  


My nephew Elliott Peltzman (sister Linda’s second son) is the only full-time musician in the family (that I can think of.) Elliott plays keys (of course) with the Stone Foxes. Dawn and I had the chance to see them live last year in the Woodlands. Great band, excellent musicians and performers. Go see them if you have the chance, they’re touring most of the time.

Dawn's last significant birthday was also celebrated musically. Pictured on this page are youngest son Wes, David (getting lessons from my granddaughter Larkin), eldest son Justin (Larkin's dad) and brother-in-law Ron DeFore, #3 son Alexander on the Fender Rhodes, and Autumn Moore (Dawn's youngest sister).

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