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New Band! 

Last couple of years I've been playing pretty regularly with Mark Calvert. Recently we put together a new group to play at local hotels etc.  "Native Sons" is composed of:

  • Mark (lead vocals and guitar - an extraordinary frontman! 

  • Jesse Cooper is a remarkable bass player and vocalist in his own right. 

  • Rodney Ramirez - rock solid great drummer and 

  • me - keys and 'meh vocals. 

We're playing a mix of '60's-2000's rock - e.g., Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Stones, Eagles, Doobie Bros, etc.  We've started a webpage with some video's as a starting place.  Give it a listen (remembering that the recordings are from our first two gigs together!     Enjoy,  Jim 

Ooh, i'ts 

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